On Sunday, September 27, 2015 at a special congregational meeting, members of the congregation of Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of Portland affirmed the recommendation of the Board of Directors to begin the process for sale of the building and property at 2400 NE Broadway.  With 86% voting “yes,” the congregational affirmation of the recommendation was strong.
What happens next?
  • This does NOT mean we are ready to sell immediately!  This congregational decision marks the beginning of a process involving further discernment, deliberation and search — a process that may take considerable time.
  • A building search committee will be convened.  Stay tuned for details about this committee and ways to participate and provide your input.
  • A detailed process will be designed and begun to proactively engage the congregation (and other stakeholders) for input into the many upcoming decisions.
  • We will initiate a formalized relationship with a realtor.
There are many possible scenarios that can now develop.  At this early point we cannot predict exactly where we might next locate, nor exactly when a sale and relocation might occur,  A great deal of work remains to be done beforehand!  It is important to know that BOTH an appropriate offer on 2400 NE Broadway AND a suitable next location for our ministry must be located BEFORE we would proceed with a sale.
To provide input or to ask questions, e-mail the Board of Directors at any time at board@mccportland.com, or meet with a member of the Board of Directors.
Attend upcoming monthly board meetings.  The Next Board of Directors meeting, is Sunday, Oct 4
Stay tuned for more opportunities to be involved and provide your input!
Background information:
  • After more than two months of discussion, deliberation and discernment, the Board of Directors of MCC Portland voted at its July 2015 meeting to make this recommendation to the congregation.
  • The recommendation was publicly announced on Sunday, August 9 followed by wide circulation of the full recommendation and FAQ sheet.  Information was e-mailed to the full e-mail list, posted on the church website, with paper copies available at MCC Portland.  The recommendation (Board of Directors Recommendation) and FAQ sheet (BuildingSaleFAQs1 )were also included with the formal notice of the congregational meeting mailed to each current member of MCC Portland.
  • In preparation for this congregational decision, several opportunities for feedback, input and questions were provided::
    • A survey was e-mailed widely and was available in both on-line and paper versions; 76 people completed the survey.(SurveyResults)
    • Two information and discussion forums were conducted:  Sunday, August 30 (45+ in attendance) and Sunday, September 20 (40+ in attendance)
    • Invitations were extended to meet directly with Board members and to directly e-mail the entire Board if there were questions, comments or concerns.  People were also reminded to attend upcoming meetings of the Board of Directors.