Is MCC selling its building and property?

Yes. On September 27, 2015 MCC Portland voted by a strong 85% majority to approve beginning the process of the sale of the current building and property and to begin the search for a new ministry facility. Updates on the status of sale and search have been given at all congregational meetings and most Board meetings held since September 2015.

The property was publicly listed for sale with Inhabit Real Estate on September 5, 2018. If you are aware of any potentially suitable buyers, please refer them directly to our real estate agent at Inhabit Real Estate, Chris Brown:


Detailed rationale and the decision-making process followed can be found in the attached August 2015 communication to the congregation from the Board of Directors. In short, the building no longer serves the ministry needs we have as a community.


Is MCC selling the building because of financial difficulty? I heard there was embezzlement at MCC and MCC is running out of money.

The recommendation and final decision to sell was made during a period of relative financial stability BEFORE the discovery of embezzlement (October 9, 2015). The decision to sell the building was not driven by any unusual financial needs at that time. However, like many churches, MCC has and does struggle financially, especially during this time of recovering from embezzlement. Therefore, proceeds from the sale will be extremely helpful and are critically important for supporting a thriving MCC ministry in the future.


When will this happen?

At this point we anticipate a sale of the building and relocation of MCC Portland sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

This timeline is influenced by a mortgage re-finance in 2009 which matures in June 2019 — with a payment due in excess of $190,000. We consider it poor stewardship to undergo a major fundraising effort to pay off the mortgage of a building and property the congregation has already decided to leave.


Where will MCC Portland go?

Our next location is TBD.  We are currently exploring several interim ministry sites. If you are aware of any suitable sites, please contact our Building Search Team at

During 2015-2017 a number of potential properties were explored. MCC Portland identified a desirable facility and submitted a formal expression of intent to purchase in December 2016, After promising initial conversations and follow-up, the property owners did not pursue our expression of intent.

More than a year before the June 2019 mortgage pay out date, with no long-term site yet identified as desirable for purchase or lease, our building search refocused on securing a shared, temporary facility (anticipating a period of about 2 years) as we further discern our needs and continue looking for a longer-term facility.

Furthermore, a significant portion of proceeds from the sale of 2400 NE Broadway will be held in reserve for use in securing a future, longer-term ministry facility.