MCC Portland Is On The Move!

A lot is happening with MCC Portland! We bid farewell to the building at 2400 NE Broadway, transition to a new shared facility, and begin God’s new adventure for our community! Take note of these upcoming important dates:

  • Sunday, February 24 @ 10AM: Final Sunday worship at 2400 NE Broadway.
  • Sunday, March 3: “(Re)Planting Season” begins (see below). First Sunday at 2828 SE Stephens Street, Portland (Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church).
  • Sunday, June 9: Pentecost Sunday. Launch and public welcome to our new ministry facility.


(Re)Planting Season, March 3-June 2
This is a season of exciting change and opportunity for our congregation. We plan to maximize the opportunity for positive transformation! Nearly everything in a new facility will have to be different, so we’re not going to try to “put a square peg into a round hole.” For the first 3 months we’re going to excavate, explore, experiment and listen to God anew:

Who are we? What is God calling us to be now? What is our mission and witness in 2019 and beyond? 

Calling this time a “(re)planting season” highlights two core beliefs:
1) we anticipate in advance that out of an ending God is creating a new beginning
2) we will travel lightly and carry only the core essentials of who and what we are for this new beginning

What will things be like?

Different — in ways we can expect and in ways we can’t imagine!

Sunday morning gatherings will be intentionally different. While we will do some familiar things (i.e. communion, prayer, offering, singing, etc…) we will do them differently! For example, our first Sunday in the new location (March 3) is “Trusting the Path,” a retreat-style gathering. It will include labyrinth work with special guest facilitator, Dr. Eunice Schroeder from Sacred Journey Ministries. The remaining Sundays will be designed to reveal our community’s spiritual DNA and discover new passions for outreach and callings for mission. Engagement will be expected! While anyone is welcome, our Sunday morning gatherings during the first three months will be “insider-oriented.” There will be “homework” so between Sunday gatherings small groups will gather in different locations at different times will go deeper. NOTE: Due to the frequent changes and the focus we will not be live-streaming Sunday morning gatherings from March 3-June 2.

Beyond Sunday mornings all spaces in the new facility are shared with others. For example both pastoral and administrative offices will be shared with Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church staff. MCC will have exclusive use of specific areas at certain times as scheduled.

A new ministry facility requires flexibility and adaptability! We’re going to experiment a lot and see what does — and doesn’t — work!

If you don’t join us during this (Re)Planting Season, plan to visit us when we have settled in. Our public welcome and launch is planned for Pentecost Sunday, June 2!


Background: MCC is selling the building and property located at 2400 NE Broadway.

On September 27, 2015 MCC Portland voted by a strong 87% majority to approve beginning the process of the sale of the current building and property and to begin the search for a new ministry facility. Detailed rationale and the decision-making process followed can be found in the attached August 2015 communication to the congregation from the Board of Directors. In short, the building no longer serves the ministry needs we have as a community or foresee in the future. Updates on the status of sale and search have been given at all congregational meetings and most Board meetings held since September 2015.

The property was publicly listed for sale with Inhabit Real Estate on September 5, 2018. We entered into contract with a buyer and opened escrow on February 3, 2019. The buyer’s due diligence period concludes on March 20 with escrow set to close on or before April 10. We are delighted that the new owner will be keeping the building intact and re-purposing the interior as a family-friendly brewpub/restaurant. The public will be able to enjoy the historic beauty and charm of the building at 2400 NE Broadway both inside and out.


Where will MCC Portland be located?

Our worship and other ministry activities will be located at 2828 SE Stephens Street (with Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church). We will be sharing space at this inner SE location for an interim period of time — we anticipate for a couple years — while we discern and identify a longer-term future location. A portion of proceeds from the sale of 2400 NE Broadway will be held in reserve for use in securing a future facility. If you become aware of any suitable sites, please contact our Building Search Team at

Where will other groups and activities using 2400 NE Broadway go?

We have been honored to host numerous community groups and activities at 2400 NE Broadway for many years. All current building users have been fully advised of our sale and relocation plans and have been advised that they may remain at 2400 NE Broadway through March 29, 2019. Some groups and activities may relocate before this date. Some will relocate to Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church. Others — such as the People’s Pantry, Meals on Wheels, and some 12-Step meetings – will be relocating elsewhere.

For the current status on the relocation of a specific group or activity, please inquire with the coordinator of that activity and/or secretary of that group. When future locations are finalized for other groups/activities we will also provide that information.

Read more about our building news here!