Giving of our financial gifts is one of many important spiritual practices and means of worship.  It allows us to give back to God and to our faith community a part of which we receive.  It helps the community to grow and the mission to thrive.

To the right you will also find a PayPal link, that will allow you to donate one time, or set up regular donations.

Automate Your Giving
Electronic automation of your regular giving makes it much easier on you, and allows the church to budget — sort of like having a regular income.  It is usually very easy to set up in your online banking system.  Most systems have the ability to schedule regular monthly payments.  you can also provide the church with authorization to deduct requested amounts from your credit card.  Finally, the PayPay link on this page will allow you to set up regular draws on your account.

Each and every financial gift you give to MCC touches and changes a life!

You help provide a place for positive growth, connection, and transformation:

  • More than 150 worship celebrations with a total of more than 8,000 in attendance yearly.
  • Multiple 12-step meetings (AA and ACoA) with more than 200 people attending weekly.
  • Growth and personal connections through our MCC programs (studies, social events, etc.) and programs others provide here (such as Friendly House each Wednesday).
  • Numerous community performances, meetings and presentations like Confluence, Jennifer Knapp, and the Soulforce Equality Riders, to name only a few.
  • Marking life’s joys and sorrows through weddings and memorials in our congregation — and beyond.

You help provide direct care for others:

  • Our Congregational Life Team, Spiritual Care and Pastoral Staff provide more than 15 caring contacts a week (about 60 per month) to those within and beyond MCCP through calls, visits, and appointments.
  • Our People’s Pantry provides an average 25-30 food bags weekly — about 1,300 per year!
  • MCC volunteers feed an average of 25 people once a month at the HIV Day Center and about 15 women with HIV at W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom) at the Quest Center once a month: an average of 40 meals monthly — 500 hot meals a year.
  • A group of MCC volunteers weekly serves 50-60 people who are homeless through partnership with Metanoia Peace Community and Hard Times Supper at Wilbur Sunnyside United Methodist Church.
  • Loaves and Fishes hosted at MCC serves 20-25 seniors every Wednesday.
  • Our Fiber Fairies have hand knitted and crocheted at least 75 hats (plus some blankets, scarves and gloves) for people who are homeless or otherwise in need of additional warmth.
  • Our Prescription/Medical Assistance Fund provides between $2,000 and $3,000 in assistance per year (through designated gifts, not general funds).

You help proclaim a consistent public witness to inclusion:

  • Global access to progressive sermons and information via our website and YouTube.
  • Leadership and participation in local LGBTQ and faith-based organizations
  • Dialogue and relationships with progressive religious groups (Community of Welcoming Congregations) AND conservative religious groups (Mars Hills Church)
  • Supporting emerging groups like Common Ground and OneGeorgeFox, a coalition of students and alumni dedicated to inclusion of sexual minorities at George Fox University.
  • Weddings for all – same sex, or not. Everyone is welcome!