Baptism is an outward sign of initiation into the Christian community and of the covenant God makes with God’s people. MCC Portland makes this sacrament available to individuals who have never been baptized or to those who want to reaffirm the commitment of their original baptism.


Many couples are looking for a place to have their commitment to one another blessed. Long before same-sex marriage was legal in any state, MCC Portland was uniting couples in ceremonies called Holy Unions, non-legal marriages, or Commitment Ceremonies. Throughout our entire existence we have supported and advocated on behalf of same-gender loving people.

If you are interested in having your commitment blessed at MCC Portland or at another location of your choosing, our Pastoral Staff would be happy to speak with you. Relationships are important, and we deeply value the desire of many to acknowledge their relationship before God, family, and friends. Please feel free to contact us via phone any time during normal business hours to discuss how we might help you plan your special day!

Funeral Services & Memorial Celebrations

Memorial Celebrations and Funeral Services can be performed for members and non-members upon request. Our clergy are available to plan services both before and after a death.

For more information about any of our Life Ceremonies, please contact the MCC office at: or 503.281.8868.