Giving of our financial gifts is one of many important spiritual practices and means of worship.  It allows us to give back to God and to our faith community a part of which we receive.  It helps the community to grow and the mission to thrive.

To the right you will also find a PayPal link, that will allow you to donate one time, or set up regular donations.

Automate Your Giving
Electronic automation of your regular giving makes it much easier on you, and allows the church to budget — sort of like having a regular income.  It is usually very easy to set up in your online banking system.  Most systems have the ability to schedule regular monthly payments.  you can also provide the church with authorization to deduct requested amounts from your credit card.  Finally, the PayPay link on this page will allow you to set up regular draws on your account.

Each and every financial gift you give to MCC touches and changes a life!

Enhance Your Giving

Beyond direct giving, you can enhance your financial giving to our MCC ministry in several other ways:

  • Every time you shop at Fred Meyer MCC can get a donation! Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Community Rewards program here. Find MCC by name or ID# 86169.
  • Employer match. Many employers will match employee donations to non-profit organizations. Inquire if your employer will match your giving to MCC Portland.
  • Stocks. If you wish to make a direct donation of stocks, MCC Portland has an Edward Jones account to receive such donations. Please contact our treasurer at to inquire.
  • When you prepare your will and in your estate planning remember you can support the ministry of MCC Portland for future generations!